The nature of hardware attacks potentially makes them far more harmful than worms, viruses and other malware. Even if a computer virus can move from machine to machine, it is in principle possible, using an antivirus, to eradicate it from the system it has infected. However, the only way to remedy a hardware attack is to change the infected circuits. At least for now.

The issue is bothering all cybersecurity experts. Indeed, everything that contains a microprocessor – that is to say everything that is electronic – is vulnerable. Integrated circuits are at the heart of our communication and electricity distribution systems. They position the wing flaps of airliners and modulate the power of the car’s anti-lock braking system. They control access to bank vaults, ATMs, the functioning of financial markets, and almost all of the sensitive systems used by the armed forces. Thus, a well-designed hardware attack could interrupt business transactions or immobilize various strategic sectors.

Hardware Trojans can remain undetectable for years. They are only activated when they are triggered by an event, such as a date …

On October 2, 2018, Sirmelec – a member of the MEDEE pole – offers you a conference on “Choosing and buying well in the electronics sector: a collaboration of the entire sector”, organized by the FIEEC (Federation of Electronic Electrical Industries and Communication) and 3 unions in the electronics industry (ACSIEL, SNESE and SPDEI).

Technological developments and societal expectations are upsetting uses and customer expectations. Choosing the right components from the wide offer, selecting the references that best suit your needs is fundamental.

Manufacturers, distributors and component designers influence the entire electronics value chain and need to advise and inform.

In this context, this conference, on a half-day format [1 p.m. – 5 p.m.], addresses:

the different stages of manufacturing an electronic equipment / system,

components: families, cycles, investments,

the production of electronic cards,

the supply chain: the logistics chain (distribution versus direct), the markets addressed, economic conditions and forecasts,

the role of buyers in shortages of electronic components or how to mitigate crises,

a round table “the role of buyers in shortages of electronic components or how to minimize crises”,

a press conference.

If you want to understand the technologies, anticipate requests, master the various links of the electronic value chain, improve customer-supplier relationships… elements of answers will be provided to these challenges.

3 tips for choosing your high tech products computer

The first piece of advice is obvious: to limit its impact on the environment or to spend less, it is better to choose a low-consumption device

Then, once the electronic equipment has been purchased, configure it so that it consumes as little as possible, if at all when not in use.

Finally, recycle the devices that you no longer use, either by bringing them to the recycling center, or by choosing one of the recycling channels available to recycle mobile phones, computers, game consoles, etc.

You don’t know how to do it or who to contact? All the answers to your questions in: How to recycle your electronic waste?

How to choose a television