Colocation Hosting Guide

Spot your IT environment with us, where all essential information center features, such as for instance safety, infrastructure, and connectivity, can be obtained and associated with highest quality. All of our facilities offer market-leading SLAs and fixed monthly costs. We’ve five data centers in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. Our company is additionally building two more data facilities.

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We’re operator neutral and access that is offer a number of

colocation hosting and international operators and network providers. It enables high-quality connectivity to all the partners your organization needs, around the globe plus in the cloud.

The Email Shop Nordic information facilities are straight linked to one another via our Nordic Connect platform, which allows one to interact with your partners across national edges as easily as you had racks next to each other within the same data center.

In addition, we offer both Microsoft Azure Express Route and Amazon Web Services AWS Direct Connect. This gives you stable and scalable access to these popular low-delay cloud platforms. Through our lovers (e.g. Mega Port) you are able to connect to virtually all public clouds to their ecosystem.


For people, sustainability is essential. Therefore, the e-mail Shop runs all

colocation uk services on 100 percent renewable electricity and with industry-leading energy efficiency. Our new plants use award-winning cooling with outdoor air, which together with algorithmic solutions optimizes the system that is cooling performance to attenuate power consumption. We have been additionally planning heat recovery, that may further reduce the weather impact.


Protection is the foundation of our company. All

cheapest email hosting services use multi-layered security methods to deter, identify, and prevent unauthorized access. We have comprehensive access control systems, with security locks that prevent unauthorized infections with a visitor that is qualified. In addition, the facilities are protected by high fences and automobile hair.

Digital camera and sensor monitoring are used to detect possible intrusion attempts. All our facilities offer access to controlled racks, cages and data halls. Additional security layers can be added if needed. We guarantee that only the person you have approved can access your equipment and all access is monitored by a specialized security team.


We have a skilled and trained technician team that manages the operation and additional services of our data centers. This means that we can meet the very highest demands both today and in the future. We constantly purchase the highest quality equipment plus in maintenance programs that confirm optimum accessibility and dependability.

We operate our

cheapest email hosting with strict procedures for maintenance of most equipment plus in accordance with appropriate certifications, such as ISO. All our information facilities are certified based on ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001.

Scalable solutions

From an individual rack to cages or entire data warehouses – our

uk colocation solutions can be purchased in all conceivable sizes and constantly with the highest quality security and services.

This gives you the scalability had a need to adapt your IT environment to new conditions. We also offer fully customized solutions.

As a client, you have use of a range that is wide of services, such as qualified on-site specialists, available when of course you’ll need them.

When buying a host and putting it on colocation, most of all I do n’t need to cover unused opportunities. In this case, the 1 unit (single unit) server is optimal. And it costs less and takes up space that is little the rack. I do believe, for starters, you can purchase a 1U server with one processor, and as the project expands and financial opportunities increase, additional processors can be bought for it. The thing that is great a 1U host is its small size and fat.

Someone can scope with the easily installation of such a model. A 1U server can be easily removed from the rack, and one person can also handle this work in the event of a failure. As a whole, the option of a server is a process that is purely individual while the decision to switch to

best dedicated server hosting uk must be made only by you, weighing the good qualities and cons.

In general, we can conclude that colocation is for folks who require a large information system with immediate access, but who want to entrust their provider with support and maintenance. Its convenient for travel agencies, online stores, news internet sites, advertising companies and so on.

Great things about Co-location

  • High speed;
  • 24/7 technical and service
  • support;
  • 2nd degree domain title;
  • Warnings about technical work,
  • short-term malfunctions, concerning the risk of problems of any nature;
  • Disk area are arbitrarily
  • big and will depend on the technical abilities regarding the host;
  • Complete access to the server;
  • Capacity to configure any operational system parameters and applications;
  • Ability to install any reconfigure or software system software:
  • Delete, include, alter any files into the system;
  • Complete control of the procedures, users, and files in the system;
  • The capacity to manage your IP address, ports, filters;
  • Implementation of custom solutions;
  • Delivering security
  • measures on the area of the provider:
  • – servicing the mail server through the program by both the administrator as well as the office worker.
  • Drawbacks of Co-location
  • Very high cost;

The need for a professional that would serve the host.

A car, securities, people do not keep important documents accompanying these transactions at home or in the office as a rule, when making large investments, for example, when buying real estate. Become safe for keeping papers, people trust their bank vaults.

Why not perform some same with high priced server hardware?

Putting a server in the provider’s technical site is in many ways akin to putting values in a reliable bank safe – this is a great way for webmasters to protect their investments and find a good location for server equipment. At Co-location, the client provides equipment and is responsible for maintenance and upgrade, as well as the provider provides security, dependability, and security.

Great things about Co-location.

The most important benefit of a server that is physical a virtual one is that it provides the webmaster with great opportunities in server management. So, the client, being the owner of the equipment, has the opportunity at any time that is convenient execute upkeep work, improvement gear, and additionally implement their needs for server pc software.

As a rule, there is certainly the ability to control visitor accessibility directly and website rate. Getting the detailed advantages and authority to manage the host, your client is responsible for the successes and problems of

their virtual business. In addition, Co-location permits you to guarantee the security and dependability associated with gear since most providers guarantee the maintenance of this regime that is temperature the premises by installing weather control systems, fire safety, fast online connections, round-the-clock technical support, UPS back-up, required channel width, and a specifically arranged host space – a room for installing server equipment.

In addition, some providers provide customers through a special web page in real-time to monitor the technical parameters regarding the server, also see people working together with the apparatus.

Drawbacks of Co-location.

Nonetheless, despite such severe competitive features of Co-location, choosing between virtual and hosting that is physical not everyone prefers the latter. Why? The fact is that along with a lot of advantages, Co-location contains one important drawback, which makes it simply inaccessible to many webmasters: a rather high price.

The high price is decided not so much by the Co-location organization as a result, but by the necessity to purchase server equipment that is expensive. In addition, Co-location also assumes that your client covers the web server administrator, which also increases expenses.

Whenever analyzing the benefits and disadvantages of real web hosting, it becomes obvious that this kind of hosting is many made for professional and experienced webmasters. In addition, Co-location requires a high initial investment, but, the need for financial opportunities will decrease in the long run therefore the gear you purchased can pay off with interest, ensuring the absolute most efficient operation of this website.