Many companies still keep their server that is

colocation hosting in the office. As part of securing your data and your applications, you can move your equipment to any of our data centers. And there are many benefits to it, such as Tele2’s backbone network which includes shell protection, fire protection, and cooling and power supply that is redundant.

Access control

All exterior doors of steel and windows at ground level have steel shutters in our data centers. They are equipped with motion sensors and doors and windows are equipped with opening switches. Ventilation grilles, windows, and gates are also equipped with vibration switches. Outside the entrance are surveillance cameras and some rooms have actually camera surveillance. The control system permits access to the info

colocation hosting only making use of personally coded access cards.

colocation uk


All electrical installations are based on an N + 1 solution consisting of so-called “no break” systems (uninterruptible power source), batteries and backup systems (diesel-powered generators). This means that an extra battery system and a supplementary diesel generator are installed. All data facilities have actually UPS systems to make sure energy without power nails, that may impact Rackspace colocation host equipment. The UPS also allows the data center to power the equipment in case of a charged power failure before the diesel begins run ning.

Air Conditioning

The cooling system we use is also constructed according to the principle N + 1. Therefore, an additional cooling unit was installed. The air conditioning system – which enables environmentally friendly IT use and natural cooling – ensures that the room temperature in the data centers is always following best practices for the IT and telecom industry. We like to use more alternatives that are environmentally friendly spend money on regularity fans, water cooling , and air cooling if possible.

Fire protection for data center

Delicate fire alarm systems were set up into the information centers. Included in these are atmosphere analysis systems and ion alarms that assess atmosphere at various locations into the available room and warn of any smoke generation and fire. The

colocation uk are a fire that is separate with at the least BD60 partitions against other rooms as well as minimum BD30 doors contrary to the corridors. Alarms from the fire-fighting system, access control, and CTS systems are sent to an operating and monitoring center within Tele2, during the same time as text messages are sent to selected persons within Tele2 or alarms to Tele2’s service desk. We also have a connection that is direct a fire alarm rescue service.

Colocation – Owned server

If you have your services or are planning to invest in new ones, a good alternative might be to place them in our

best dedicated server hosting uk server hall in Norrköping. You do not have to worry about internet connection, electricity and cooling included in the cost that is monthly. We offer room in the split rack from 1U to several racks that are own needed.

Or do you want to go your internal

cheapest email hosting servers to an even more reliable environment than you have today but need a higher speed than your internet access can offer, we can often offer a dedicated fiber between the

uk colocation server hall and your office and thus get the same speed as if your server should stand in the room next door.

Have you got unique requirements or special machines that will not pay back in a standard agreement, we offer personalized agreements so you need that you only pay for what.