What are the best mail365 hosting services ? Why activate mailboxes with customized domain ? In this guide i am going to make an effort to teach you why it really is so important to choose a reliable hosting provider, do you know the main features to consider when purchasing e-mail web hosting and which are the most useful organizations to trigger their expert e-mail reports at

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1 The importance of email in the environment that is corporate

2 e-mail hosting: customized domain and mailboxes that are professional

3 boxes that are free why don’t you use them at your workplace

4 Email Hosting: So How Exactly Does It Work?

4.1 Associate an email service because of the domain

5 top features of an email web hosting service

5.1 Shared hosting and deliverability: a sensitive issue

6 Where to buy your e-mail reports

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7 Conclusions

The importance of email within the continuing business environment

Considering that the Internet has existed, the importance of email has gradually grown, accepting a central role not only in individuals day-to-day lives but in addition, and above all, in the industry environment where e-mail has built it self as an essential tool in management generally of working relationships.At work, in fact, e-mail can be used daily to exchange information with colleagues and customers, send and receive quotes, requests and invoices, exchange documents and presentations, etc. In short, e-mail has become, in all respects, the central communication tool of every company, large or small.

Despite this “centrality” you may still find many companies which have not comprehended the significance of selecting the most appropriate email service : many organizations have actually registered the most convenient provider to their domain and cheated the bins contained in the price (without considering whether whether they met your preferences) and you can still find those that utilize free bins into the workplace …

Unfortuitously, as frequently occurs regarding IT services, organizations hardly ever have actually sufficient familiarity with whatever they use (or should utilize) and, often, they find themselves making rough alternatives in the erroneous belief that “a service may be worth the other”…


Email web hosting: customized domain and mailboxes that are professional

The phrase e-mail hosting (or email hosting ) means those solutions that permit you to trigger professional email accounts connected with your domain name .

Used, the domain that is registeredwhich will be frequently additionally used for the construction of the business website) is used to route e-mail in the company: it’s going to therefore be feasible to equip every employee, or every workplace, their email box while keeping a consistent corporate identification with respect to people who, through the outside, need to get in contact with us.

As an example, if a ongoing company registers the domain “mycompany.it”, by subscribing to an email hosting service, it will have the ability to trigger a series of e-mail boxes of this type info@miaazienda.it, direzione@miaazienda.it, name.dipendente @ mycompany.it, etc.

Free bins: you will want to utilize them at the job

Already at a first glance it should be evident how the use of mailboxes with personalized domain appears to be a decidedly more professional choice than the use of mailboxes of the type miaazienda@libero.it, Miaazienda@yahoo.it or miaazienda@virgilio.it. ..

Although there are still a lot of companies to complete it, making use of a free of charge field at the office does not appear a advisable choice. Let’s see schematically why:

Bad corporate image

Utilizing as a mailbox that is corporate one provided by the telephone provider or the world wide web portal on duty is obviously maybe not an excellent company card for a business; these bins, in fact, convey a certain feeling of amateurship and improvisation and therefore are often synonymous with businesses that are somewhat “antiquated” and badly organized.

Impractical to manage offices and employees

Certainly it’s unthinkable to turn to free mailboxes to manage a multiplicity of electronic contact details within a company that is structured. The use of free mailboxes , in fact, is typical of single-member companies or, in any case, very small ones where all correspondence is managed through a single box.

Lack of professional services and features

Using a mailbox that is free renouncing a number of services that, in the business environment, could prove to be very useful such as for example, for instance, having mailboxes, automated mail backup systems, shared calendars and address books or authenticated SMTP …

Usage restrictions

Some free services that are e-mail usage limitations which may be incompatible with certain business functions (such as for instance, for example, limitations towards the range e-mails that can be submitted a given time frame or location limitations).


Just about all e-mail that is free are “paid” by means of an advertising display: often, in reality, free mailboxes are at the mercy of a solid influx of marketing messages and / or are usable through apps well-stocked with marketing … nothing serious, for paradise’s sake, but physically we ponder over it rather annoying if it concerns boxes used in the workplace.

Email hosting: how can it work?

After registering our domain, we can finally trigger our expert e-mail reports . The simplest solution, needless to say, consists in signing – simultaneously using the enrollment associated with the domain – an offer including N mailboxes. Almost all web hosting providers demonstrably offer such packages, however nothing stops you against registering the domain from one business after which purchasing the email hosting solution from another …

If we have registered our domain and we have the possibility to manage it independently, in fact, we will be able to look around calmly and choose the service that best suits our needs without feeling bound to the offers of the maintainer with whom we have registered our name.

In reality, e-mail, similar to hosting, is a ongoing service independent of the registration of the domain being connected to the latter only through the DNS system . Therefore, it will be sufficient to properly configure the DNS of our domain to associate the solution of any e-mail web hosting provider.

Associate an email solution with the domain

We now have said that to activate an service that is e-mail the domain it will be sufficient to configure the DNS . Specifically, the minimum configuration required consists in pointing to the MX records (or Mail eXchanger records ) which are used to publicly declare which is the mail server intended to receive e-mail messages addressed towards the mailboxes of a given domain.

What this means is, imply put, that most email messages destined for a mycompany.it that is Box shall be delivered to the mail server declared into the MX record, which will get them and deliver them to the right mailbox (information @, direction @, employee_name @).

The configuration of MX documents, as stated, may be the minimum requirement for the activation of a contact web hosting solution, but other DNS operations including the creation of an SPF record and a DKIM record are usually suggested .

These final two documents, without planning to enter information, are accustomed to legitimize confirmed mail server to deliver email messages on behalf of the domain. Unlike what one might think, these are perhaps not mandatory records (the solution – technically – would work even without one) but strongly suggested so that you can optimize the deliverability rate for the mail sent.

In addition to these documents, finally, a few other documents (usually CNAMEs) such as for instance pop.miaazienda.it or smtp.miaazienda.it can be triggered to be utilized into the setup parameters regarding the boxes but, into the latter case, a its an optional and irrelevant procedure for the most suitable functioning associated with service (into the lack of these records , the hostnames or IP addresses provided by the web hosting provider rather than the personalized people must be used in the setup of this containers within the mail customers) using the title of your domain).