A clear, even complexion is synonymous with youth and a well-groomed face. But to have such a satisfactory result, it is useful to choose the best solutions.

Today, with innovation and technology, many beauty and cosmetic products are available on the market. However, since chemical treatments can be toxic to the epidermis, the best option will always be products made from natural components.

Consumers are looking for authenticity and ORGANIC to take care of their skin. And they are right…

Here are a few tips to look natural.

Use masks based on natural ingredients

You have the choice between concocting your mask yourself or opting for products previously prepared, understand directly ready to affix. As a current trend, professionals offer orange or chickpea flour masks. The most classic formulas also contain turmeric or rose water for an even more effective effect.

The components act by clarifying the skin, or also by nourishing it and attenuating dark spots. Honey masks are also a very good option. In addition to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, honey hydrates and unifies the skin.

In addition, you can always apply, from time to time, a face mask with natural yogurt. The mixture will give the complexion more radiance while enhancing the effects of the previous products.

Cleaning and hydration: some practical tips to remember

The secret to a perfect complexion is also how you clean and hydrate your skin. The ideal practice is gentle daily cleansing (morning and evening) followed by a moisturizer. Of course, everything will also depend on your skin type. Dry skin will require special and more delicate maintenance. Almond, argan oil and honey cleansers are the most recommended.

The products can be applied as a mask or even as a scrub if desired. Redness may appear on the face after regular application. A scrub is carried out 2 times a week maximum

Using a chamomile decoction will soften the epidermis. Regarding combination and oily skin, professionals recommend cleansers and moisturizers based on lemon and pink clay. These products will act effectively by purifying the skin for an even more radiant complexion.

How to use makeup to get a clearer and more even complexion?

Makeup, although short-lived, achieves good results. This is a complementary solution since the ideal will always be to use natural products to nourish the skin and thus obtain a permanent result in the long term.

The make-up tip is based on applying the foundation. Enthusiasts and professionals advise, for example, the use of a make-up base that will fix and standardize the foundation. It would also be best to choose the shade that will give the skin a more natural glow.

Poorly chosen, the color could give an artificial appearance although it is uniform. The other tip would be to spread the foundation to the edge of the neck. Thus, the contrast will not be too visible.

The product is then blured on the most remarkable areas. And if you ever need to apply a second coat, avoid thickening as much as possible. The best solution will then be to make some corrections using your fingers.

And then, we must not forget the blush either. This cosmetic has accompanied women for decades. Today, it is resurfacing, helping the ladies to have a neutral and undoubtedly natural complexion. The cheekbones are applied by completing the foundation (avoid spreading too much).