Cadia Yachts plans to disrupt the traditional practices in yacht building by bringing to the world the first 100% electric yacht. Cadia 34E is going to be a hard top luxury electric yacht with a length of 10.2m and maximum speed of 30kn (55,5km/h). Range at full load is calculated to be up to 3h (133km) with cruising speed 24kn (44,4km/h). The boat is extremely light (3630kg) and will be manufactured using the most innovative technologies and environmentally friendly materials.The 100% electric propulsion system eliminates the need of having fuel tanks onboard which opens up additional space for the cabins. Such benefit increases the comfort for passengers and enriches the yachting experience as with its 10.2m length Cadia 34E is going to have the space of a 13-meter boat. The design of the electric boat will be the work of the established Italian designer Mauro Sculli from Sculli Studio. He is going to bring his brilliant creativity to the style of the luxury electric yacht and his unique approach to interior layout and design are going to create an absolute treat for the eye.

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As our name Posterus (Latin for Future) mentions, our logo with the Greek-mathematical PI and the eye for vision. With our exclusive annual events, we bring it all together, promoting visionary, creative and innovating minds. Bringing the new ideas towards an international industrial, political, governmental and high society market. Selective concepts, locations with potential of international connection, exclusive-original participants, collaborators and partners. With this full package and mix of all the finesse & marketing, we bring possibilities towards the future.Because we want to stay up to date and bring the future, as well give all our participants and publishers the most out of their participation. Posterus-Event will launch with its new futuristic virtual fair. 5000 square meter inside exhibition space and 10.000 square meter outside space, harbour, etc. Our physical annual events are designed within, norm of luxury but with the possibilities of high class attendees, financial market potential, high international visibility. As well suitable timing and local situations. Therefore our annual events Luxury Yacht Event, Vision & Future will takes place for example during Yachting Shows, etc. As well in top tier locations as Dubai, Monaco, etc.

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Cadia Startup Exchange gives a lead to the rest of the world by offering its own shares on its own secondary market. Now you can become a shareholder in the most innovative equity crowdfunding platform in the world. Cadia Startup Exchange is the world's first equity crowdfunding platform with a 24/7 secondary market for startups, small and medium sized businesses and unaccredited investors. The platform offers a solution for startup entrepreneurs to gather initial capital for their business and to Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to finance their latest ideas or expansion plans by selling shares of their companies to unaccredited investors worldwide. Cadia Startup Exchange adds to the equity crowdfunding business model a fully operating secondary market allowing businesses to be as close as possible to having a real IPO.

On the platform’s secondary market investors can trade their shares and seek exit and cash out from the investment much earlier than any other competitive business model offers (loans, VC funds, regular equity funding, perks-based equity crowdfunding etc). More info



Biofab is a biotechnology company we provide tissues and organ printing services. We also Build tridimencional printers for different medical institutions and investigates and develop New biomaterials with the support of local and international institutions.

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Passion & Glory, that is our story!


As our logo includes two Champions, two C’s around the Champions belt, it shows the result of winning the Champions belt together. This brings immediately the essential message of Business for Champions Cooperation. We bring Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting together at one centralized Champions Court for Service Providers. This Court for Champions results immediately in commercial success around the globe. With this full Sales is Selling package for Champions we can provide the best ever sales scores on Your doors! As soon as we have reached global domination, we will go back to the beginning: “Passion & Glory, that is our story!


“You lost that fight for all the wrong reasons. You lost your edge. But the truth is, you didn’t look hungry. Now, when we fought, you had the eye of the tiger, man. The edge! And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. You know what I mean? Maybe we can win it back together. Eye of the tiger, man.” – Carl Weathers als Apollo Creed.”


So be prepared to meet our team of Sales is Selling Champions in Monaco and other top locations around the globe @ +31 (0)6 1589 1133 and j.koudstaal[at]


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Organization Earth (OE) is a non-governmental organization founded in Greece in 2010. Its mission is to develop and promote behaviors and entrepreneurial models that have positive consequences for society, the environment and economic enterprise. OE pursues this mission by designing and facilitating experiential, non-formal educational activities that introduce key sustainability issues into everyday life, and empower individuals and businesses to develop new skills and change existing behaviors. The organization is divided into three initiatives Center of the Earth, Aephoria, each of which includes its own projects and dedicated staff.


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The opportunities in real estate have never been this exciting. And we’ve just made them better.

1. Make money from our selected network of properties and their short term rental profits to receive benefits on weekly basis.


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Find out more about our diverse set of packages.



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