Your reflection on the editorial line should lead to a (roughly) clear idea of ​​the future categories that will constitute your blog. A great help to start stimulating your inspiration by thinking about article topics, but also to draft a first structure of your blog. Of course, it is entirely possible to start with a very limited number of headings and to complexify the structure over time, once we have more articles. It’s better to highlight 10 empty sections 4. Anticipate the crossing of the desert from the beginning (for all) Unless you invest a substantial budget in advertising, most blogs start their journey with a crossing of the desert that lasts several months. You have little traffic, the impression some days of “doing it all for nothing”. But this is where you have to hang on and keep writing. During all these months when you are going to produce content with little feedback, you are nevertheless going to build the foundations of your future visibility: Enrich your blog with interesting articles that will allow new visitors to get an idea of ​​your content right away. Feed your social networks to be able to win your first subscribers and initiate a positive development dynamic. Learn to organize yourself, free up time for blogging and acquire “habits” that will save you time. Of course, exceptions exist but in 99% of cases, you are not going to have thousands of subscribers and visitors in just a few days (unless you buy them ^^). So try to think ahead of time what you could do to “kill time” intelligently and keep yourself motivated during this start-up phase. It can for example be an opportunity to read interesting books on blogging to familiarize yourself with this universe: The Guide of the Blogger, Isabelle Canivet’s book on web writing, books on photography or even on SEO. You can also turn to books focusing on organization and even personal development. It’s enriching for your personal culture. You can take the opportunity to write articles, get ideas for future posts, read other blogs and build a list of interesting sources to follow. You can join Facebook groups related to the topic of your blog to see what topics are of interest to people and start building relationships… Anything that motivates you will be welcome! Learn about web writing and SEO (optional) On a blog, you can gain visibility through different means: Social networks, which can send you traffic. SEO is the people who search on Google and come across your blog because you answer the question they are asking or provide useful information about what they are looking for. Referral sites, which are the other sites that speak to you once you have gained notoriety. Advertising, if you spend money to make yourself known in this way by using for example Google Ads. Newsletters, where you send to your site. Word of mouth, which will push people to type in the address of your site or to share it by email or via a messaging application for example. There may be other sources, for example a mention in a media (radio, local newspaper, etc.) … Of course, when you decide to create a blog, it is difficult at the beginning to have a lot of traffic via a newsletter or via third-party sites because we still lack awareness.