The mail365 solution is the utilization of a passionate server to store various data or process it. The client receives a virtual computer for usage, working around the clock and built with a robust hardware setup and community program. The consumer can use this computer for just about any purpose that will require a continuous load.

Modern entrepreneurs, for example, often enough need constant access through the Internet to virtually any information. For a lot of of those, their websites are a key source of income, which will be not just constantly available but in addition safe and fast-working.

Included in this service, customers are given with a separate physical server, to allow them to make use of all of the sourced elements of the system, processor, and RAM.

That is specially convenient for business resources because the client’s sites reside in your own safe environment and are not dependent on the load that other people’s sites sometimes create and which prevents the resource from fully functioning. Dedicated servers are characterized by a very fast response, concern technical support, in addition to increased performance, security, and reliability.

Each user can independently configure the server, depending on individual needs in this case. The disadvantage of a colocation hosting is only one – a price that is relatively high but, considering its benefits, its quite justified.

uk colocation

  • A server that is dedicated required by those who:
  • Uses the continuing business on the web as a source of basic income;
  • Loses profit as a result of slightest downtime associated with the site;
  • Contains a site on which attendance increases significantly during the holidays or on weekends (the same applies to “seasonal” websites);
  • Needs the speed of technical support
  • Has a website that needs particular pc software or a backup that is permanent
  • Needs a multi-core processor of high energy, also big volumes of hard disks and RAM.

The devoted uk colocation it really is beneficial to purchase for folks who have problems because of restrictions that are various mass hosting. This service is very helpful for those users whose resources need high hardware performance or those who are forced to save any confidentially used information. Sometimes such servers are rented because for the operation of a project it is important to utilize computer software that conflicts or can not work with all the individual’s synchronous Web tasks.

The professional team of the best dedicated server hosting uk provider is engaged in issues of configuration and configuration besides, to effectively configure a real server for your tasks, you need to have administrative skills, and in the case of remote lease of a dedicated server.


Using our on line device, the equipment can be built by you configuration with the possible meeting your project requirements. Rental the customized bare metal server is a flexible and cost-efficient solution. The custom dedicated server gives you the following benefits in contrast by standard dedicated server configurations

  • You can build your configuration that is preferable with wide selection of CPUs, RAM, SSD drives, community settings, bandwidth, along with other options
  • You can flexibly differ of elements from different vendors.
  • You can install any pc software to quickly attain more cheapest email hosting security, or make sure information encryption on a hardware base.
  • You’ll combine the components to really make the cost-reducing of the custom dedicated server.
  • You can build the colocation uk using the performance rate you need.
  • You’ll produce a specific host solution for you personally, e.g., for a personal cloud, or without the virtualization (bare metal)

The customizations of the committed server permit you to get a high-available, custom-tailored solution for your needs needs. High-bandwidth communication channels guarantee the high uptime guaranteed by SLA.

The online-configuration for bare steel server’s customizations enables you to build an individual configuration your equipment in line with the performance price you’ll need. N ote  that components must conjoin with one another to function right.

Is your task sophisticated? Is your IT infrastructure complex and makes use of components that are non-typical? You’ve learned many offers from different providers, but nevertheless haven’t met your requirements? Using the online-configuration by SIM-Networks, any components can be ordered by you for the configuration that you’ll require.

The step that is first of building up the customized dedicated server could be the choice of CPU’s types, figures, and lots of cores. Then, following expected loads and tasks, you can add to the setup RAM, hard drives, RAID controllers, power devices, network ports, IPv4-addresses, along with other components.

It is possible to configure your custom committed host once you know precisely assembling your shed demands, needs, and purpose. But anytime when you need an infrastructure consultation that is expert don’t wait to contact us – SIM-Networks Customer Care works for you personally 24/7/365 and always willing to help you.