If you are new to makeup and you can’t tell the difference between a brush and a broom, this article is for you!

I discovered the world of makeup brushes thanks to ELF products, at low prices and easily accessible on the Internet.

Before I got interested in makeup, I saw the brushes as tools dedicated to make-up artist • his professionals, and I told myself that with my fingers and a sponge provided in my compact foundation, I could do almost everything.

Well imagine that I was wrong.

So I’m going to show you the ideal brushes to start with, if you want to get started on the make-up highway.

Make-up brushes for the complexion

The Beauty Blender

If you make up your complexion and you are just starting out, I can only recommend you too much to use a Beauty Blender makeup sponge. Although I am aware that this represents a certain cost (around 16 euros at Sephora).

This type of sponge makes it easy to apply all kinds of products in liquid and / or cream form such as foundation, concealer or even highlighter.

In some countries it is even said that one day someone has already repealed themselves with …

Legend or myth, to have tested it I confirm that it is an easy-to-use multifunction tool that you just need to humidify in order to use it

Only downside: the systematic cleaning that this sponge requires. To avoid ending up with a billion microbes swarming after dark (such as cutthroat Gremlins), it must be washed after each use.

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The Artis Brush

Little news in the brush game: the Artis Brush.

These are the funny ergonomic brushes, originally launched by MAC, which are supposed to have an eaier grip for an imperceptible rendering.

With this type of brush there are a few rules to follow for an optimal result:

Use a small amount of material to start

Apply the foundation directly on the face then work with the brush

Go back and forth with the brush until you get the desired result


Kabuki is your friend if you are used to mineral makeup. For having tested and approved the foundation of the Lily Lolo brand (a vegan product with natural composition and rendering, all enriched with zinc which is a precious asset in case of imperfections), this type of foundation does not can be applied only with this very dense brush.

It allows to take the necessary quantity in the cover and to crush the pigment well, before application on the face.

Everything is explained religiously, especially on the Ayanature site on which it is sold.

You, what you have to remember, is that if you are a beginner and you would like to turn to the mineral foundation, Kabuki + mineral foundation = winning trio.